News 2017


We would like to start the year by wishing all our members and visiting anglers a Happy New Year and tight lines for 2017.

A reminder to our members that our AGM is on Tuesday 31st January at the New Cross Hands Working Men's club.

The agenda for this can be seen by clicking on the link below.

For members who are not aware, the NRW are proposing to bring in the following restrictions for 2017:-

Catch and release for Salmon

Ban on worm fishing for Salmon

Ban on damaging hooks

Although theres no specified catch and release for Sewin there could be changes to the Rod Fishing Byelaws that could have effect.

Before the proposed restrictions are introduced, the NRW will be consulting with the Fishing Clubs and anglers through a consultation which will take place anytime now. where we will be able to put forward our views on their proposals. It is important that as many members as possible reply to this consultation in order to voice our their opinions.
The consultation document will be posted on the NRW website so as soon as it is released we will draw your attention to it through our website and facebook.


An update on the NRW's proposal to bring in the above restrictions is that they have decided to pospone this until 2018.
This is explained in their document which can be found on our website in the Information Section, NRW Information, Fish Exploitation Briefing Documents. Feb 2017


With the start of the fishing season approaching we can inform our members that our leased waters are as last year with the exception of Glan Rhyd (Pontoon Bridge) waters on the River Towy above Llandovery which we have not renewed.
The reason for this is that over the years we have rented it, not one fish has been recorded.
Would all members take note that they can no longer fish this beat.


We would like to inform our members who are not already aware, that two important Consultation documents have been released 'which need their input in order that the angling views are addressed and considered.

The first consultation document has been released by Welsh Government and is titled "Taking Forward Wales - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources".

Although most of this consultation document does not directly affect angling, Chapter 4 :Access to Outdoors does require your attention as once again the government are trying to open up Access to Inland Waters to other sporting bodies such as Canoeing.
It is therefore important that as many of you as possible reply to this consultation and if possible write to your local AM.s.
The closing date for this consultation is 30th September 2017 so please get your response in asap. 

For members who do not like writing down their views, there is a petition that you can sign on the Countryside Alliance website. Please use the link below:-

The second consultation document has been released by the NRW and is titled "Technical case supporting a public consultation on proposals for new fishing controls to protect salmon and sea trout stocks in Wales".

This consultation covers the proposed restrictions that the NRW want to bring in next year which covers catch and release for all Salmon in 2018. and restrictions on Sea Trout fishing.

It is important that all anglers respond to this consultation in order that the NRW are aware of our views on the proposals, because if they bring them in, our fishing will not be the same again.   

The NRW accept that the anglers are not the cause of the problem so why are we the only ones being penalized for it.

If you want you views considered please reply to the consultation and if your objections are strong, write to your local AM

The closing date for this consultation is 14th November 2017.

Both the above consultaion documents can be found on our website in the INFORMATION - NRW file.