The Committee would like to wish all members a Happy New Year and tight lines for 2014.
The first event on our calendar is our AGM which this year takes place on Thursday 30th January at the Penygroes Rugby Club, all members are welcome. 
The notice for the meeting, giving the agenda, can be viewd by clicking on the link below.

News 2014
SACC - Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru

For your information the club has added its support to the above campaing and we would like as many members as possible to go to the website and register their support.
The website can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


At our AGM we discussed with members, the committees proposals for bag limits which would contribute towards the conservation of Salmon and Sewin (Sea Trout) stocks.
After a lengthy discussions the following bag limits were agreed:-

Salmon 10 per year with a maximum of 1 per week.

Sewin (Sea Trout) 10 per month with a maximum of 2 per day.

Any Hatchery donated fish are classed as released.

The club rules have now been changed to incorporate this and there have  also been other changes made to the rules which you should observe.


With reference to our method of logging caught fish on the beat, which is mandatory as a condition of our agreement with the owner, its doe not appear to be working totally.
First of all there is the fact that members are not informing the club of their catches by telephone, which is a requirement and also the registering of the catches in the log book, which is located in the farm.
I know that there has been a problem with the marker pen drying out, but if caught fish had been reported by telephone, this should not have caused a problem.  
Because of this we are not providing an accurate record of fish caught and due to this, we are at risk of loosing the beat.
This has lead the committee to take stringent measures, in order that we don't loose the fishing, which are as follows:-

All fish caught on this beat, must be reported immediately to the club whether kept or released without exception.
Failure to comply may mean expulsion from the club. 

 When reporting the caught fish we require the following information:-

Your name, name of pool, species of fish, weight, method caught, whether killed or released. 

The information should then be passed on to Pat Kiernan (Sec) or Gavin Davies (Membership Sec) by either e mail or telephone.

Their e mail addresses and telephone numbers can be found in Contacts.

For members who do not know the names of the pools, there is a Typicca
map showing pools. This can be found in the Information section.

We will be putting signs up in Typicca farm and also at the bottom end of the beat showing this.

We are sorry that we have had to take such stringent action, but its the only way we can meet our leasing obligations.

There will now, be no need, for members to fill in the log book.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation in the matter and for your information there is a copy of the signs below. 

With reference to our announcement at the AGM regarding Upton Hall waters on the River Cothi (just above Pont Ynyswen Bridge) shown on the Dyffryn Uchaf map, we can now confirm that the leasing of these waters have been secured and fishing will continue as it was.

River Cothi
Goitre Waters (River Dulais)
For those members who may not be aware, we have waters on the River Dulais which are located just off the Llandeilo - Talley road.
For a map of these waters, please  click on the Waters button and then on the Dulais button.
Live Water Cams
In our   Links section, we have added a link to the live river cam where you can monitor river conditions at the specified locations. This could be handy for members who live some distance away, so that they can see the river conditions before they set off. 


Cross Hands and District Angling Association has now got a face book page. Its not intended to use this as a forum, but more of a way of passing on information. Just log on to Facebook and like it.


We have just acquired a piece of water on the River Towy, which is close to the center of Carmarthen and starts off at the main Carmarthen Town road bridge going upstream towards Llangynnwr (on the B4300). Right bank of the river looking up stream
For a map of these waters go in to Waters, Lower Towy and then click on the Carmarthen Beat button.
As many of you are aware, to help with the conservation of Salmon and Sewin (Sea Trout) catch and release is being encouraged for all members.
In order to help members with this practice, we have added a leaflet in our Information section.
Catch and Release

New stretch of water.

Beat Maps

For your information and to clarify were the Glantowy beat ends and Beat 5 starts and where Beat 5 ends and Typicca starts, we have added beat maps identifying each beat. We have also added similar beat maps for the Pump House, Llwynfortune and Abermarlais and hope that you find them useful.
These can be accessed by going on to the location map and then clicking on the beat button.

8th April

Will members fishing the Pump House beat this week, be aware, that NRW officers will be carrying out survey work to assess the effect of water abstraction on the lower Towy. This will enable them to determine an abstraction regime which will minimise the impact of abstraction on the river ecology. They will be surveying the river between Nantgaredig Bridge and Abergwili, so could come on the Pump House beat.
They will be accessing the river from the bank and by remote boat. There should be minimal disturbance to the river and anglers in the vicinity will be informed.

25th April

We have received a complaint from a private fishery owner regarding Cross Hands Anglers fishing their waters.
The beat in question is on the River Cothi and is the small stretch of water above Pont-ynys-wen Bridge, before the start of Upton Hall waters (shown on our Dyffryn Uchaf water map).
To clarify this we have added, to the Dyffryn Uchaf Map, a image from google earth which shows this.
Members are only allowed to walk through this beat for Access and Egress.
Members are reminded as per our club rules that if they are caught fishing Private or other Association waters adjacent to Cross Hands, they may have their permit revoked.
Your co-operation would be appreciated.

11th July

Last Sunday we held our Junior Fishing day at the Garnffrwd Fishery.
The event was organized by our Membership Secretary Gavin Davies and members of our committee assisted him on the day.
The event was a big success and our thanks go out to Gavin and the committee who helped him for giving the youngsters a wonderful day.
To see Gavins report for the day, click on the link below.

1st October

Just a message to inform you all that the NRW have  arranged with Welsh Water to release water from the Llyn Brianne starting at 09-00 hrs on Monday 6th of October, which will continue for 5 days.
Would members please circulate this information to members who have not got internet access. Thanks



By now, you should have received your AGM circular letter, or if not, its on its way to you. If you do not receive it by Christmas, then contact Gavin Davies and he will send one out to you.

You should also, have sent in your catch return form for the 2014 season, so if you have not already done this, please get it to Gavin straight away.
Even if you did not catch any fish we still need it sending in.
If you have lost or misplaced you catch return form you can print off a  copy from this site by clicking on INFORMATION and then FORMS.
A copy of the 2015 catch return form has also been added, in case you misplace
 or loose the one sent out to you with the AGM circular.