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Fishing Season

For your information details of the start and end of the season for Salmon and Sewin can be found in our NRW Information which can be accessed by going to our Information page amd then clicking on the NRW Information button.
When you have accessed this page, click on the Rod Fishing Byelaws button and this will open up a pdf giving this information.
Information on the price of Rod Licences for the 2013-14 Fishing season can be found in the NRW Information file by clicking on the Rod Licence Fees 2013-14 button.


For those of you who are not aware of the NRW (Natural Resources Wales) I can inform you that from the 1st April this year, this organisation will take over the functions currently carried out by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and Forestry Commission Wales (FCW), the devolved functions of Environment Agency Wales and some functions that are currently carried out within Welsh Government.
More information on this can be found by logging on to their website.

New Style on Halfway

Due to bank errosion caused by the winter floods the style that goes through the hedge has almost fallen in to the river and is unsafe to use.
A new style has now been made which is located close to the roadside hedge so that it will not be affected by any future bank errosion.
For safety reasons would members please use the new style and not make any attempt to use the old one.
 Also access to the new style should be made by walking down the side of the field and not by cutting through the roadside hedge. Thanks.


Typicca Beat

Members are reminded that as a mandatory requirement of the rental agreement we are obliged to record all fish caught in the log book provided, filling in all the appropriate boxes.
We normally have a log book positioned at each end of the beat, but due to the fact that over the past few years the bottom end log book has either gone missing or has not been used, this year, we have decided to only have one book which will be located at the farm, at the entrance to the fishing.
For members who access the beat from the bottom end this may cause a problem, but if you do catch a fish could you please log it in the book in the farm.
You do not have to do this on the day, but it would be appreciated if could arrange to do this at a later date.
You only have to drive in to the farmyard to fill the book in and it will only take a few minutes to do this.
Also members are reminded that they should inform the Membership Secretary or Gavin Davies or Secretary Pat Kiernan by telephone or e mail.
Contact details can be found by clicking on the Contact button on the Home page.
Thanks for your cooperation. 

Salmon and Sewin (Sea Trout )

As you are all aware  Salmon cannot be taken until the 16th June, so for members who are not aware of the difference between Salmon and Sewin we have added a pdf file showing the differences.
This can be accessed by going to the Information page and clicking on the appropriate button.


David Saywell, who is part of the team, who write the fishing report, for the Trout and Salmon, has asked if any members who catch fish and would like to be mentioned in his report can do so by e mailing David on the address below:-


Dyffryn Uchaf Farm

For your information the farmer has allowed us extra parking at the entrance to the farm.
We will be putting up signs to identify this area.

Groe Park Fishing permits for the River Wye 

For those of you are not aware Tight Lines in Ammanford have closed down, so anyone wishing to fish on the Wye will not be able to collect a permit from them.
Until we find another suitable outlet to distribute these permits for us, any member wishing to fish Groe Parks water can do so by contacting our membership secretary Gavin Davies and arranging to collect the permit.

Junior Fishing

For our junior members we have booked Garnffrwd Fishery again this year for Sunday 7th July and all juniors are invited to attend and if they want they can bring a friend.
Details of this will be sent out to you by our membership secretary Gavin, but if you definitely want to attend you can inform him now, by telephone or e mail.
Last years event was a big success with most juniors catching fish, so don't miss out. 


A flask and priest have been found on Llwynfortune (Dai Boots} beat.
Would the person who they belong to please contact our Treasure Mark Walters to arrange collection. Marks e mail and telephone number can be found on our Contacts page.



When checking the catch figures in the log book at Typicca Farm, I noticed that 2 members had tried to enter catches in the log book but could not do this as the pen had dried out.
I have now attached a new pen to the book for future use.
However we need to know of any fish that have been caught so that they can be recorded for the fishery owner  as this is a requirement of our leasing agreement.
I would therefore appreciate any member who has caught fish on the beat this season, to contact me by e mail or telephone in order that these fish can be recorded.
I need to know what type of fish it was, weight, catch method, pool No and wether it was kept or returned.
For members who dont know the pool numbers please click on the link below for Typicca map which shows these.
It is most important that we have this information.
Thanks for your co-operation
Pat Kiernan Secretary ( my contact details are on our Contacts page of the website)

Junior Fishing

Our Junior Fishing Day took place on Sunday 7th July at Garnffrwd Fishery.
To see Gavins report, click on the link below.


With the season drawing to a end there are still Salmon to be caught like the ones caught by Richard Hillman at the back end of August and the middle of Septenber.
The first was 18lb and the second one 16lbs.
Both fish were donated to the hatchery by Richard.


Now that the season is over, members are reminded that they need to get their catch return form for 2013, back to Gavin for the end of November in order that he can put the figures together for the AGM.
His details are shown in the Contacts section of the website.
For any member who has lost or misplaced their 2013 Catch Return Form, a copy can be obtained from the website by clicking on to the Information button and then the Forms button where you will see 2013 form.
Open this up and you will be able to print off a copy.
Finally I would like to remind members who have caught fish on the Typicca beat to please let me know, as this data is required now and has got to be sent off to the owner, as part of the leasing agreement.
Anyone who has caught fish on this beat and has not contacted me, please do so now.
My details can be found in the Contacts section of the website.
Thanks Pat Kiernan Secretary.