Halfway Dai Boots

Pump House

  Glantowy Beat ( layby beat)
  Lower Towi Waters

  Halfway (layby ) beat although altering over the years continues to be good all method fishery with salmon and sewin taken on worm, fly and spinner all year and not just in clearing waters after floods. It is joined to the Golden Grove beat 5 upstream but separated from Dai Boots downstream stretch by one field. Easy parking in layby .

Situated just below the Halfway Restaurant above Pontargothi it is a very productive beat suitable for all methods and like Halfway can hold fish in all types of water.
Situated below Capel Dewi this can be a very deceiving beat often a bit canal like but when the conditions are right it is one of the most productive association beats for salmon.  
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Carmarthen Beat
Situated in Carmarthen Town near to PC World  it runs from the main town bridge upstream and is on the tidal waters of the Towy.

The beat has now been extended with the addition of more water ajoining the top end of the beat. (see map)